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A Proclivity To Prurience

Obsession Comes With A Price 
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Be careful what you wish for...

Eleven years waiting for one woman, Abbie. The wedding of a close friend provides the opportunity for Joe to finally claim her, but Jesse stands in the way. With the inadvertent assistance of his drunken best friend, and Abbie's only son, Joe is back on track. His evening continues in a most favourable way until devastation strikes unexpectedly and all he has ever wanted is lost.

Returning to his characteristic lifestyle, no one can escape his wrath as he seeks solace in any body he can find, pushing boundaries and blurring the lines of morality and the law.

Abbie battles her demons alone until a chance meeting with an elderly stranger convinces her to bury her despair, but is it enough to enable her to forgive herself and Joe?

Fuelled by abusive childhoods that remained undisclosed, yet influence every aspect of the lives of Abbie and Joe, A Proclivity To Prurience is a highly explicit tale of obsession and control.

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“Hey, Joe, could you just zip me up? I don’t know what’s taking Eddie so long.” Abbie’s blasé attitude disguised, she hoped, her desire to feel him so close. She knew she was teasing him, but she didn’t know what else to do; it had been nine years since she’d seen him walk out of the bathroom, towel around his waist, skin still damp, water-droplets accentuating his lashes. She’d hoped her involuntary gasp had gone unnoticed, but no… Eddie, thankfully, had been desperate for the loo so had missed her reaction, but not Joe; he’d turned round, smiled knowingly and sauntered in to his room. Shit!

She’d been struck by his beauty the first time she’d met him, but he was just a boy then. At fourteen, when many of her neighbours had benefitted from his burgeoning talent, she’d drawn a line (although he’d opened her eyes to the splendour of young men and they’d suddenly become more appealing, albeit, those of a more suitable age…) but had practically counted the days until he was eighteen. Now, five years later and, aside from an occasional suggestion, nothing! Maybe he simply wasn’t interested… ©

A Proclivity To Prurience


This book made me laugh, cry and get a little hot under the collar! It ends with an almighty cliff-hanger that leaves you wanting/needing more.
I wholeheartedly recommend this book to everyone who is open-minded and wants to completely lose themselves in a book


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“I know! I feel awful when I speak to her: she’s so sweet and she always thanks me for ‘discovering’ him… she just doesn’t know how much of him I’ve discovered!” She buried her face in her hands as Rose roared. “She clearly has no idea that her little boy’s talents aren’t just limited to his music!” She sighed dramatically. “And he’s not such a little boy either…” ©

“Is it my turn next, Joe?” Josie, more brazen with several glasses of wine, looked at him with innocent eyes and a wicked smile.

“To dance… or did you have something else in mind?” He detected Abbie’s annoyance so wanted to see how far he could push Josie.

She felt her face warm slightly. “I don’t mind…” ©

His self-control was the one thing he needed, the one thing he’d mastered from a young age, but tonight had controlled him and that made him uneasy. It was possible the evening’s events had set him up: Matt’s confession, Mark’s presence, Lucy – God, Lucy! Convinced she’d be complicit in every way, he had to consider he may just have screwed that up. ©


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